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November 19, 2015

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The first Interim Assessment report went out to all students in KS3 and KS4 on Monday 16th November. Due to the national removal of levels and a new National Curriculum in KS3, there are some significant changes to the way we report progress in Year 7-9. To ensure that students are best prepared for GCSE examinations, we have redesigned the KS3 curriculum in all subjects to ensure that the required knowledge, skills and understanding can be gained to allow success at GCSE.

In order to make a judgement about student performance, we have created four bands to assess students at each Interim Assessment point. The bands are called:- Mastering; Securing; Developing; and Emerging. Subjects have then created specific criteria for each band, for each assessment point, with the underpinning philosophy that the criteria for ‘Mastering’ is where we would expect a student to be working, if they are to go on and achieve the top grades at GCSE. These criteria take account of everything the student has done so far, including any assessments, homework and work in class. As new material is taught in each lesson, the criteria for each band get progressively more challenging at each assessment point. To achieve ‘Mastering’ at the end of Year 8, the students need to be able to perform at a higher level than they will have demonstrated for Mastering at the start of year 8, for example. The curriculum is designed so that staying within the same band requires a student to make at least good progress over the year. This may be in contrast to some primary school models, where all students start on emerging and work towards mastery by the end of the year.

Progress at KS3 is measured against the starting point for all students, which is taken from the English and Maths KS2 SATS.  Based on these scores, we are aiming for all students to achieve above the national expected progress. In order to help track this, we are using the bands to determine the level at which the student is working in relation to their start point. For example, we are aiming for a student who joins us achieving the national expected KS2 standard of 4.5, to achieve at least a C grade at GCSE (new GCSE grade 5). In order to meet this they would need to be performing at a ‘Developing’ level throughout KS3. Therefore, if they are working at an ‘Emerging’ level in any subject, they would be marked as ‘Below’ for progress. Please also bear in  mind that whilst we are measured nationally against the KS2 English and Maths scores, there are some subjects where the correlation with this measure is less reliable.

This is a new system and it will inevitably need to be refined over the course of the year. We welcome any feedback going forward.

Mr T Graham
Assistant Principal – Assessment and Reporting

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