Brittany Trip

May 21, 2014

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On Thursday, May 15th, 31 y10 students and 4 of their teachers (Miss Le Carboullec, Mrs Earnshaw, Mr White and Miss Le Roy) took the night ferry to spend 2 days in France. They had a fantastic time. On the Friday, they arrived at Lycée Félix Le Dantec, in Lannion, where they were welcome by their French buddies and attended lessons with them. Y10s ended up in French, Maths, Spanish, German, lessons, etc. They had lunch in the French canteen with their new French friends. They communicated in both languages and made some progress even over 2 days! In the evening, they ate at “Quick” and then went bowling, some of their French buddies were there too. The next day was followed by a treasure hunt in the town centre and a bit of shopping and they finally had a very nice meal at the restaurant. Hele’s students came back to Plymouth on Saturday night and they are already planning to go back to France but alos to welcome their new French friends soon. We all had an amazing time! The link with that French school will continue in September with y12 French students doing a weekly videoconference with French students. They will also spend an immersion week in the school and families. We are also hopping to create an exchange for Hele’s School rugby team!

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