GCSE English Literature Revision Apps

These instructions are to help you download, install, and use GCSE Revision Apps for English Literature. We hope you find the apps easy to install and use, and that they help you to:

  • Revise ideas and knowledge about the texts
  • Develop your vocabulary in order to write about the texts
  • Organise ideas and examples from the text in order to write your essays

The slide presentation below provides information about which version of the app you will need for your phone or computer, and give you some help to use the app. When you have looked through the presentation, download the version(s) of the apps you need from the options in the table.

Download the app versions you need

The links below can be used to download any of the versions of the app you require for your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Right click on the icon
  • Choose Save target as...
  • Save the app into a suitable folder

If you download all the files in the compressed folder, you will need to extract the files before you can copy them to your phone or computer:

  • Right click on the folder
  • Choose Extract All...
  • Extract the files to a suitable folder (or accept the default which will create a folder for you in the same place as the compressed folder).



Of Mice and Men

To Kill a Mockingbird

Android version for use on smartphones or tablets which run this Google based operating system.

Flash-lite version for use on phones or tablets which have the Flash player pre-installed.
Java version for use on phones which are not Android, and do not have the Flash player.
Flash player version for use on phones with a larger screen display, and the Flash player pre-installed. This version will run on just about any computer.
Compressed folder containing all of the four files for each title.