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September 25, 2015

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Last week, 65 Year 11 geography students descended on Salcombe to collect data as part of an investigation into what makes Salcombe so popular as a tourist destination. This investigation forms part of their assessment for the GCSE Geography course and will lead to an individual write up, where they set out their evidence and conclusions based on their findings from a range of surveys, observations and questionnaires.

Mike Kelly, Head of Geography said, “Fieldwork gives students the opportunity to get out of the classroom and see the real world around them. Many of our students had not been to Salcombe before so they were looking at the place with fresh eyes and discovering for themselves some of the attractions the area offers. They were able to engage with members of the public and tourists to find out first-hand how others view the area and set that information against their own perceptions. This represents a valuable part of the curriculum and helps develop skills that will be useful in later life.”

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