Not to know what took place before you were born is to remain forever a child. – Cicero

What is History and why does it matter?

History is the study of the past. Studying the past helps us to understand the origin and nature of our society and culture. History also gives us valuable skills that are useful beyond the subject itself. For example, students of history are able to analyse source material for meaning, can assimilate large amounts of information and present coherent arguments.

What is History at Hele’s?

All learners will study History at Key Stage Three (Years 7-9) and have the opportunity to continue their studies at Key Stage Four (Years 10-11) and Key Stage Five (Years 12-13.) The units studied are:

Year 7 – The Roman Empire, Britain 1000-1485 (The Middle Ages)
Year 8 –  Britain 1485-1603 (The Tudors), Britain 1603-1750 (The Stuarts), Black Peoples of America, Britain 1750-1900 (The Industrial Revolution)
Year 9 – The Twentieth Century World
Year 10 – Medicine Through Time, Saltram House
Year 11 – Saltram House (cont.), The American West
Year 12 – Russia 1881-1953, The Experience of Warfare in Britain 1854-1929
Year 13 – Germany 1900-1945, Representation and Democracy in Britain c.1830-1931

When is History taught?

Year 7 – 2 hours per fortnight
Year 8 – 4 hours per fortnight
Year 9 – 2 hours per fortnight
Year 10 – 5 hours per fortnight
Year 11 – 3 hours per week
Year 12 – 9 hours per fortnight
Year 13 – 9 hours per fortnight

Who are the History teachers?

All four History teachers are specialists in the subject:

Mrs Aldersley  – Head of History
Mr Burkey – Deputy Head of History
Dr Dauteuille – Teacher of History
Mr Farmer – Teacher of History
Mr Stone – Teacher of History

How is History taught at Hele’s?

At Hele’s we endeavour to teach history in a way that is both interesting and engaging for learners. We understand that learners perform best in subjects they find enjoyable and we aim to make lessons active and challenging. Above all, we aim to create a purposeful and secure learning environment so that all learners can achieve their potential.

Where is History taught?

History is taught in four classrooms (Rooms 11, 12, 13 and 21) all equipped with interactive whiteboards and data projectors.

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