Holocaust Memorial Day Visit

January 25, 2016

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Y8 students had an unforgettable experience today when they were visited by Solly Irving. Solly is a Holocaust Survivor who now spends his time going around to schools, explaining his experience during the war, to students. He visits in January to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day which is on the 27th January.  Having studied the story of Anne Frank in their RS lessons, Solly’s visit made the experience of the Holocaust more real to the students.

Solly was 9 years old when the war started and managed to survive by living rough, in hiding or in labour camps until he was 14 ½. Our year 8 students questioned whether or not they felt they would cope as well as he did; although when faced with adversity I’m sure they would surprise both us and themselves with what they could achieve! He talked to them about his experience and was very open to them asking questions afterwards –he answered anything that was put to him! He is keen for the story of the Holocaust to not be forgotten and sees it as his mission to remind people of what happened.

The students all listened intently to his story and were brave enough to ask some really thoughtful, intelligent questions at the end. On his way out, Solly praised them for the quality of their questions – they showed a maturity and depth of thought, and indicated that they had listened to every word he said. They applauded him at the end, and all of them thanked him for turning up. One even mentioned to me that she was close to tears whilst he was talking.

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