Welcome to Hele's School



We aspire to be an outstanding learning community, where discovery is exciting, endeavour and creativity are nurtured and dreams and ambitions are fulfilled. Mr A Birkett, Principal



'The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be on course when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvellous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day.' Albert Einstein



‘The very successful integrated approach that the school makes towards developing the social and emotional aspects of learning has been widely recognised both nationally and locally, and ensures outstanding care, guidance and support for students.’ Ofsted Report 2007



We look for opportunities to encourage young people to push themselves to new heights. We are constantly delighted by the way they rise to this challenge, support each other with strong leadership and develop qualities that can help them face life's challenges with a 'can do' attitude.'



It's cool to succeed at Hele's and we celebrate achievements and milestones equally. Often the greatest fulfilment comes when difficult challenges are faced and barriers overcome. Every child, regardless of circumstances, can achieve and be fulfilled.



'Positive relationships are a cornerstone of the academy's success and help to establish an atmosphere conducive to learning.' Ofsted Report 2012

Welcome to Hele’s School

Welcome to our school. Hele’s is a calm place where individuals flourish because of our high expectations for learning and behaviour. All within our community understand that success stems from setting our sights high.

We are a learning community where all of us want to improve – from the youngest pupils to the most experienced member of staff. We are not afraid to try new approaches, to attempt the hardest tasks, nor are we worried about sometimes facing setbacks – every coach knows that when we say ‘We can’t do it…’ we should be adding ‘…yet!’ The recent Olympics have reminded us that to be outstanding requires constant effort, fine tuning and determination to be the best we can be. The Paralympics show us that barriers to achievement can be challenged and overcome with a positive mental attitude and inspiring teaching.

Teachers are professionals who are constantly reviewing their own performance, rebuilding lessons taught each time they are revisited with new ideas to match the learners’ needs, and to stimulate and challenge them to scale even greater heights. One pupil recently summed it up beautifully; she described the best lessons as not following lines, but being ‘squiggly’ with interest and enjoyment.

Similarly, we expect our learners to be aspirational for themselves, and to show enthusiasm for learning, and originality and creativity in their work, making every effort to ensure that others learn and thrive in an atmosphere of respect and dignity. We expect lessons to proceed without interruption because we have systematic, consistently applied approaches to behaviour management, and we expect our learners to play their part.

Visitors frequently comment on the calmness of the school. It is a safe and caring place, and we are proud of our students who show high levels of social responsibility, helping others around them, and contributing to the community and world around them. Courtesy, collaboration and co-operation are the hallmarks of our community.

Mr A. Birkett, Principal

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