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School Council

School Council

By Alice Shelley

We all understand and love the school council system; giving students a chance to voice their concerns about how their school is run. I know as I have been an elected member twice in my Hele’s career. There’s the excitement of speech writing, the exhilaration of the elections, the anticipation of votes being counted and finally the pride held by the lucky candidate. School council elections mark the fresh start of a sparkling new academic year; however, we often forget the school council work hard all year round to give us the best opportunities that our school lives can offer. I will be letting you in on all the plans made by our school council that will affect you this academic year.

For term three (next term), your school council wanted to focus specifically on social spaces in break 1 and break 2. Social spaces have been raised as an issue and are now being delt with. We have found our social spaces locked or banning taking place. With new social spaces to suit everyone, there should be a lot less inconvenience for those just wanting a quiet break and a bite to eat.

For term four, the ever-growing problem that is the toilets should be sorted out. The state of our toilets is a concern to say the least but don’t worry because the school council are on it! With stricter hygiene rules and more consequence for vandalism, the toilets should be clean places for everyone to be able to use correctly.

The other issues raised are as follows:

Summer uniform has always been a widespread issue at Hele’s school. Students are feeling too hot sat in lessons during the summer season. We take so much pride in our uniform, however when that sun is smiling down on us, uniform can be quite a distraction. No need to worry, the school council is dealing with the problem and possibly by summer, we might be working sweat free.

Gender equality in P.E is also a largely thought about problem. P.E is a favourite subject of many students and so to have a differing curriculum in the 21st century needs to change. No need to worry as the school council have seen the inequality and sorted it out. Girls and boys now have the same P.E curriculum which means a richer and more fulfilling P.E experience at Hele’s.

Lastly, the one-way system which has been an annoyance to many students since the large spike of coronavirus, is going to only apply at lesson changeovers. Still keeping our students safe but now providing convenient routes if the corridor is clear. Thanks a lot school council!

I hope you feel caught up on the latest changes in our school that are affecting us.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

Written by Alice Shelley — Editor in Chief of Hear From Hele’s.