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Hele's School

Hele's School

Hele's School A great place to learn. A great place to grow.

Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Principal Miss J Mason, BA
Deputy Principal Mrs S Crawford, BA
Deputy Principal Mrs A C Pomfret, BA

Assistant Principals

Curriculum for Learning Mrs A Ayres, BA
Raising Standards for Learning Ms E Clapham, BA
Leadership for Learning and Whole School Literacy Mr K Fonseca, BA (Hons)
Director of Post 16 Mr K Stone, BA

Heads of Year

Head of Year 7 Mrs E Crosley, BA
Head of Year 8 Mrs L Skingle, BA
Head of Year 9 Miss S Prifti, BA
HEad of Year 10 Mrs S Aldersley, BA
Head of Year 11 Mr J Carwardine, BA
Pastoral Leader Post 16 Mrs L Curtis

Teaching Staff (“p/t” means part-time)

Mrs S Aldersley, BA Head of Year, History
Mrs V Allen, BA Deputy Head of MFL
Ms K Baker, BEng Maths
Mrs L Bennett, BSc Technology, Subject Leader Food and Health and Social Care
Ms N Bennett, BSc Head of Sociology/Psychology
Miss S Bensaid, BA English
Mrs E Berryman, BA, (p/t) Business Studies
Mrs K Blandin-Neaves, BA Head of MFL
Mr S Cartwright, BA Head of Music
Mr J Carwardine, BA  Head of Year, PE
Mr M Chiswell, BA (Hons) English
Miss N Cottingham, BA, (p/t) Drama
Mrs E Crosley, BA Head of Year 7, RS
Mr M Cusack, BA Head of PE
Dr K Dauteuille, PhD, (p/t) History
Mr A Davies, BSc Science, Subject Leader Chemistry
Mrs C Davies, BA Geography, KS3 Co-ordinator
Mrs T Earnshaw, BA MFL
Mr J Edwards, BA (Hons) Head of Computing and E-Safety
Mrs V Froud (p/t) Geography
Miss Y Fursman, BA (Hons) English
Mr L Garforth PE, KS4 (Non-core) & Enrichment Lead
Mrs A Greet, BA, (p/t) MFL
Miss S Hammond, BA English, KS3 Coordinator
Mrs S Holmes, BA Deputy Head of Religious Studies
Mrs K Horvath-Nimmo, BSc Deputy Head of Science
Mr P Jenkins, BA Technology (CDT), Subject Leader RM, Engineering, Product Design
Mr S Jones, BA, (Hons) Head of Drama
Mr M Kelly, BA Head of Geography
Mr D Lapthorn, BA Geography
Mrs J Lenden, BA (Hons) Maths, KS3 Coordinator & Pupil Premium Progress Coordinator
Mr D Lovell, BSc Science
Ms L McCarthy, BSc Science
Miss C McNamara, BEd SENCo
Miss S Metters Mathematics
Miss L Miller, BSc Geography
Mr M J Miller, BA Head of English
Mr S Molyneux, BEng Mathematics, KS Coordinator
Mrs H Newton, BA (Hons), (p/t) Music
Miss K Norman, BA English
Mr S Oakley, BSc Science
Ms S Oram, BA (Hons), (p/t) English, KS5 Media Coordinator
Dr A Parker, BSc, (p/t) Science
Mrs E Pearce, BScEd Head of Mathematics
Miss A Pike, BA, (p/t) MFL, T & L Lead RS
Miss S I Prifti, BA Head of Year, PE
Mrs S Pullyblank, BEd, (p/t) PE
Mr B Radford, BA (Hons), (p/t) English
Mr R Ramage, BSc Head of Science
Mr K Randall, BSc Mathematics
Miss C Redfern, BA (Hons) Head of History
Mr M Reynolds, BSc Science, Subject Leader Physics
Mr N Rogers BA Geography
Mrs G Simmons, BSc, (p/t) Mathematics
Mrs L Skingle, BA Head of Year, Religious Studies, ITT & NQT Coordinator
Mr A Smith, BA Head of Business Studies
Mrs S Smith, BSc ICT, Computing, PD Leader
Mrs G Stewart, BEd Science
Miss H Sum, BA (Hons) Deputy Head of English
Mr S Swales, BA (Hons) Maths
Mrs L Tetley, BA (Hons) English, KS5 Coordinator
Mr S Wakelin, BSc Science
Miss L Warner, BSc (Hons) Science
Mr S Whitehead, BA Art
Mrs L M Whitfield, BEd, BSc Deputy Head of Mathematics, KS4 Coordinator
Mr J Wills, BA Technology, Subject Leader RM, Engineering, Product Design
Mrs K Wooding, BA Head of Technology, Hospitality & Catering

Associate Staff

Mrs H Adamson Pastoral Support Manager
Mrs L Anderson Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Arries  Catering Manager
Mr S Baker Caretaker
Mrs T Bartlett, (p/t) PE Admin Support
Mrs K Blakemore Learning Support Assistant
Mrs V Blakey Principal’s PA, Cover Manager
Mrs C Bostick  Catering Assistant
Miss F Bryce Deputy SENDCo
Mrs R Burston Data Manager
Mr P Carter Caretaker
Mrs V Castle Receptionist/Administrator
Mrs S Chan Catering Assistant
Mrs C Chard  First Aider
Mrs M Chilvers Catering Assistant
Mrs J Chuter Cleaner
Miss K Clark Learning Support Assistant
Mr L Cochrane Health & Safety Manager
Miss H Cocker Cleaner
Mr P Cory Caretaker
Mrs L Curtis Post 16 Pastoral Leader
Mr C J Daw Cleaner
Mr C S Daw Cleaner
Miss S Denfhy Learning Support Assistant
Mrs H Dyer Learning Support Assistant
Miss R Eves Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Fergus Resources Manager
Mr A Frood Cleaner
Mrs J Garner Cleaner
Mr L Giles  Community Sports Manager
Miss K Glasspoole Pastoral Support Manager
Mrs K Goble Food Technology Technician
Miss N Gowing Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Graves Catering Assistant
Mrs J Gray Post 16 Administrator
Mrs C Hamblin Finance Officer
Mr I Hibbert DT Technician
Mr B Irving Art Technician
Miss M Keen Pastoral Support Manager, Study Café
Mrs R Kelman Personnel/HR Officer
Mr M Kent Network Manager
Mrs C King Operations Manager
Miss J Knight School Business Accountant
Mrs K Lamerton SEN Admin Assistant
Ms J Ling Cleaner
Ms J Lloyd Learning Supervisor
Mrs G Lycett Cleaner
Mr D Lynas Senior Network Technician
Mr J Macaulay, RITTech, AMBCS Network Technician
Miss A Manners Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Massaiu Learning Support Assistant
Mr J McCormick Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Norman Premises Manager
Mrs H Palmer Learning Support Assistant
Mrs G Parker Pastoral Support Manager
Miss M Peard Cleaner
Mrs R Pereira Cleaner
Mrs K Pollard Exams Officer
Miss K Revill Deputy Exams Officer
Mrs S Roberts Attendance Assistant
Mr C Rose CCF Support
Miss M Ryder Science Technician
Mrs L Skidmore Science Technician
Mr C Skingle Resources Assistant
Mrs L Smith SIMS Assistant
Mrs S Snow Cleaner
Mrs S Sparks Receptionist, Administrator
Mrs K Stone Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Thorne Cleaner
Mrs S Tonguc Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Tuccori Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Tweedle  Learning Support Assistant
Miss N Warren Cleaner
Miss H Waters Drama Admin Assistant
Mrs J Watts Pastoral Support Manager
Mrs B Webb Cleaner
Mrs H Williams Resources Assistant
Mrs L Wilton  Catering Assistant
Mr R Winsor Caretaker
Mrs C Wolf Librarian
Mr S Woodward Cleaner
Mrs V Yeomans Careers Support Manager/Next Steps SW Co-ordinator