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Technological Advancements 3

Technological Advancements 3

By Lorcan Urcia

Welcome back to the third edition of Technological Advancements. My name is Lorcan Urcia, and the subject is virtual reality.

First, let's define virtual reality. Virtual reality is a computer simulation of a three-dimensional plane or environment that can be interacted with using special equipment. This equipment can be headsets, gloves, or sticks. There are several different headsets that you can choose from. In this edition, I will discuss the new Apple Vision Pro and some pros and cons of virtual reality.


Apple Vision Pro

This is Apple’s first edition of 3D cameras. It uses laminated glass and aluminum alloys to wrap around the face. The cameras built into it have sensors that detect the environment as well as your hand movements instead of using controllers to operate. On the side, it includes rich speakers for spatial audio. At the back, it has adjustable straps for a neat and comfortable fit on your head. The lenses inside deliver more pixels than some 4K TVs for crystal clear views. Finally, there are some buttons and dials that assist in video or photo taking, different tabs and easier accessibility. It does come at the cost of 2 hour usage time with a 2.5 hours worth of video playback. It also comes at a staggering price of £2,788 or $3,499 in the US. Do you think this is a worthy price or should people reconsider whether it’s worth the money? Another feature it contains is that it allows you to use apps that you would typically use in your everyday life. However, these apps are now in a virtual display whilst being able to do regular tasks in the real world. One of its capabilities is to make more space in your desk and be able to work anywhere as all your apps follow you around.


Pros and Cons

Let us start with the pros of having a VR headset. They all provide an immersive world with lots of different apps and games for you try such as using Oculus Quest headsets for a variety of experiences. It can allow you to connect with people across the world and have effective communications. It can be used in different fields of work such as architecture to view your creations head on and know the adjustments that will be needed.

However, there are also several negatives that they can contain. You can get sick or feel disorientated whilst using the devices. From experience, I have felt sick sometimes at the start of owning a VR headset but as you use it over time, it gradually will become less disorientating.

You should not become obsessed with the virtual world and block out some communications from the real one. It is still better to communicate in real life than behind a screen after all.

This is just a taste of the new capabilities of virtual reality. I hope you have enjoyed reading my edition and will soon releasing more as school life carries on. Maybe you might consider having a VR headset of your own. If you do, I really hope you enjoy it.

This has been Lorcan Urcia and I will see you all later!