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Why are they so good for you and your home?

Plants release oxygen in respiration. This is beneficial for your health because this purifies the air and helps to reduce the number of pollutants.

(They can also do this at night!)

My favourite houseplants!

  • Fittonia
  • Sansevieria
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Calathea

Where to buy them.

Of course, you can get house plants from any big brand garden centre, however local independent shops give you much more guidance on how to care for them – especially if it’s your first time buying one.

Small houseplant businesses across Plymouth have an array of plants to choose from. Prices can start from £4.99 when buying high quality plants.

They don’t always have to live at home.

Obviously, the name ‘house’ plant suggests that they should live in your home, however they can be mood boosting for offices, classrooms, and workplaces.