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Spring makeup trends­čĺÉ

Spring makeup trends­čĺÉ 

By Isla Bagshaw

The most recent brands or styles that are popular!

As the weather starts to become better and the temperature warms up, new spring themed makeup trends have floated across the internet and there may be some that suit you or you would like to look out for.

Starting off strong is glitter or shimmer. The most recent style has been putting a light shimmer or highlighter on your inner corners of your eyes or on your eyelids to give off a frosty or just light look. Sometimes this shimmer is seen on some ‘clean girl’ makeup styles or celebrities like Hailey Bieber have posted the look on their Instagram.

Another strong style recently is the colour coral in makeup or just looks in general. Personally, I have only recently seen this colour as a blush, beautiful nonetheless. This colour seems to pop up around spring every year in trends as it seems to match the colour of tulips or peonies sprouting around etc.

Finally, the most common makeup trend I have seen has to be the natural makeup look with minimal products on the face but mainly a dewy blush or a light highlighter paired with a glossy lip or a tinted lip balm. Once again Hailey Bieber is a great reference for this makeup look as she has many relaxed and natural photos where she shows her look and mainly what products she uses to achieve it, either skincare or product.


With all these products being used for these looks you may not know what to use or where to buy from. Here are some recommendations for some budget safe brands:

-ELF makeup- Elf is a drugstore brand that you can almost find in every Boots or Superdrug and with a wide range of products - lots of them can be used as dupes for high end brands.

-MUA makeup- MUA is also a great brand as they have loads of high-quality cheap products for every season or situation (their highlighter is my personal fav!)

-NYX professional makeup- NYX is also found in practically every Boots and Superdrug and many of their products have been popular. They are great for trends like these with some products like their butter glosses and their jumbo highlighter stick which are always a ‘go to’ and very popular!