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After School Clubs

After school clubs 
By Isla Hockley

Do you have an interest in after school clubs and sports? Well, Hele’s has loads of options ranging from after school at break or at lunch; they are also for all years ranging from year 7 through to year 11!

Some clubs like Learn and Grow are available every day of the week, while some only go on for one day for example Table Tennis which occurs every Thursday. There are a wide range of clubs for sports and for learning/homework.

If you are a sporty person, at Hele’s there is a wide variety of different clubs you can participate in, for example Netball, Table Tennis, Dodgeball, Tennis, Badminton, and Football! These clubs occur at various times on different days. Some happen during the school day, at break or lunch, whilst some are after-school clubs. If you are unsure about when a club you are interested in may happen or if it is available for your year group, you can email your tutor or the P.E. office or even ask your fellow peers. At the beginning of a new term your P.E. teachers may inform you about up-and-coming clubs, events, or tournaments.

But if you are not into sports, Hele’s still has plenty of club options to choose from. Here are some examples of these clubs: Learn and Grow (Monday-Thursday), Sparx club, Photo and Digital Art club, Diversity Club, Drama and Dance Club or Clay Club! Now, most of these clubs happen after school or during break one. Some of these clubs can be for fun, or they can help you with homework. If you are worried about struggling at the homework club, there is no need, because there are always members of staff or sixth form volunteers to help you, support you and explain any questions.

If you would like to see the variety of clubs in the school you can check on the school website: this can be found on the student life page, under extracurricular clubs. Posters advertising all the clubs can be found around the school in numerous locations, alternatively you may see posters advertising details of specific clubs, detailing the days, times, and meeting place, and in some circumstances how long they go on for.

Now that you have found out how to find different clubs, how they run, and the several types there are, you can take up an after-school club and explore the different clubs of Hele’s School!