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Editor’s Letter — Third Edition

Royal Welcome

A royal welcome to the third edition of Hear from Hele’s.

 Our country has seen living history this term as many of us had our eyes glued to the television on Saturday 6th of May. We witnessed what hasn’t been seen in seventy years: the coronation of a monarch. It has also been eighty-five years since the last coronation of a king. We will delve deeper into the coronation in ‘Fit for a King’ written by me!

We also have an all-new ‘six weeks of sport’ which will appeal to a huge audience of readers written by first time writer, Josh Dyke. If you are a sporting fan, be sure to check that out.

If you find tranquillity in tending to a much-loved garden, take a look at Isla Hockley’s article all about planting and gardening. An easy read about how to create your own natural beauty.

As usual, we have an adorable cartoon, drawn by our illustrator Grace Middleton. Have fun finding out what Rocky is up to this time!

Have a beautiful May half-term and a lovely time reading.


Alice Shelley, Editor in Chief of Hear from Hele’s.