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Climate Change Strike Letter


Dear Parent/Carer, It has come to our attention that there will be another series of strikes across various UK towns and cities on Friday 20 September 2019 to heighten awareness of the dangers of failing to act on climate change.

The Westcountry Schools Trust fully recognises the importance of tackling the issue of climate change and respects the rights of our young people to campaign for change.

At the same time our schools have a duty to ensure that students are in school and safe. We would ask that parents consider the following if they wish their child to participate in this national protest:

• Where will my child be?

• Who will my child be with?

• Is this a legitimate and organised protest event? • Will my child be safe?

• What if something goes wrong?

We would request that students choose to remain at school and focus on proactive in-school opportunities to raise awareness of climate change. The Hele’s School Junior Leadership Team (JLT) facilitated a very successful plastic-free day last term and they will continue to run conscious-raising events and activities across Hele’s School. One of the JLT’s key priorities for this coming academic year is to eradicate single-use plastic at Hele’s and so we would encourage as many students as possible to get behind this campaign and make a positive and sustained difference to our environment. However, should any parents strongly wish to allow their child to participate in the planned protest then we would require a letter to be written to the Principal, outlining the child’s concerns about climate change, what they plan to do in school to contribute to awareness raising (e.g. contributing to assemblies, participating in eco-activities, etc…), where they will be participating in the protest, along with the parent confirming that they are taking full responsibility for the safety and welfare of their child during that day. Without this letter and the requested details, the absence will not be authorised. This will need to be communicated to the school prior to Friday morning please. For safeguarding reasons, students will not be permitted to leave site without permission on the day. Thank you for your support in this matter.

Kind regards,

Justine Mason