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Centre Of Excellence


We subscribe to the ethos that all individuals should have equal opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential. As such, HPA (Higher Prior attaining) students of which we have many should have their specific needs met by encouraging independent study and promoting an in-depth cultural awareness and an enquiring mindset

Centre of Excellence Aims:

Centre of Excellence Aims:

To will promote a desire for lifelong learning, leadership and positive citizenship. These learning skills will support them with any plans they may have including Russell Group University, Oxbridge and Advanced apprenticeships.

We will aim to encourage and support students in the development of their knowledge areas, seeing them as the architects of their own success.

We actively encourage students to follow their own curiosity in multiple subject areas and with this in mind the Centre of Excellence offers two strands of provision. Firstly, independent project work and the secondly, the study classical civilisations and the study of Latin.

The Project work:

Year 7 Project Title: Identity - What makes me who I am? To consider any application about themselves, their history, biological makeup, the geographical area they are from, their musical talent, sporting prowess.

Year 8 Project Title: Based around Aristotle's concept of the 12 moral virtues justify which characteristic is most important to keep in balance.

  • Research an area of life in which this characteristic is most essential.
  • Research one person in which this character is truly evident.
  • Research a story (fiction or non-fiction) where this characteristic is promoted with positive or negative outcomes.

Year 9 Scholarship programme from the Brilliant Club

Students experience two visits to university and will work with a PHD students to write a 2000-word dissertation. They receive a university-style grade and feedback.

The Classical study:

We seek to bring the past to life and show the Romans’ impact on the present, which is particularly relevant in a country where Romans once walked and approximately 60% of our words come from Latin. Students study the language, literature and culture of the Romans in Latin, and the broader topics of Roman literature and the ancient world in Classical Civilisation.

Classical study is as follows:

Year 7 Cambridge board Amarantus: this scheme is designed to support the teaching of Classica and Ancient History at KS3 while building skills for GCSE. The materials explore life in Pompeii using chapters of the novel Amarantus and his neighbourhood and archaeological research from Pompeii.

The study of Latin:

The school has partnered with the DfE’s Centre for Latin Excellence. This programme is designed to specifically increase the uptake of and attainment in Latin GCSE in state-funded schools in England.

It is a comprehensive, fun, fully resourced programme for KS3 and KS4 which is designed to be studied with 100 minutes per week.

The introduction of Latin to our curriculum has been enlightening. Students are very engaged and love the logical thinking that Latin promotes. The links being made with English root words are supporting our students with their understanding and comprehension of English and other Modern Foreign Languages.

The Centre of Excellence also offers the following:

  • Elective lectures
  • University outreach programmes (especially the universities of Exeter and Bristol)
  • Leadership development
  • The Brilliant Club
  • Wider reading
  • Competitions

Theresa Brookshaw — Teacher of English, Director of Centre of Excellence