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Hele's School

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Centre Of Excellence

It is an ongoing priority for Hele’s School to facilitate provision for all of our students, regardless of interest, prior experience and prior attainment. In line with this ethos, we have established the Hele’s School Centre of Excellence for stretching students to push themselves beyond the confines of the curriculum and to take on responsibility for seeking opportunities to extend themselves in their particular areas of strength/ability.

We are keen to see our students achieve well across all of their subject areas, but also recognise that many will have particular talents in more narrow fields, be that in languages, the sciences, the arts etc. The Centre is not a physical building but will oversee the pursuit of outstanding achievement on an individual level from students in particular subject areas.

In a sporting context, centres of excellence provide a facility for young players of some prior ability to develop their personal skills with the support of coaches and mentors — ultimately it is down to each individual to work hard and to dedicate themselves to improvement for success to follow. This is entirely the mindset that Hele’s Centre of Excellence seeks to adopt. We will aim to encourage and support students in the development of their knowledge in particular areas, seeing them as the architects of their own success.

Participation in the Centre of Excellence is open to all students, but certain criteria will need to be fulfilled once started to retain member status. Amongst others, such criteria will include a continued dedication to improvement and the undertaking of ‘super-curricular’ activities (those which go beyond the content of lessons).

Centre of Excellence members avail themselves of the following, and other, opportunities:

  • Elective lectures
  • Leadership development
  • The Brilliant Club
  • Wider reading
  • Classical study (Latin/Ancient Greek)
  • Competitions

It has been excellent to learn of the current aspirations of our students, and we are currently looking to support future progression to Oxbridge for courses as varied as Veterinary Science and Jurisprudence, as well as investigating routes into Cybertechnology, as well as developing super-curricular learning into the field of nanoscience.