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Hele's School

Hele's School

Hele's School A great place to learn. A great place to grow.

Learning Environment

  1. Ensure all distractions are switched off or well out of reach — mobile phones should be switched off/on silent or placed in another room. The TV also shouldn’t be on. 

  2. Use a table or suitable flat surface and a chair for work to be completed on. 

  3. Ensure that you remain hydrated with water and eat in line with your normal routine.

  4. Conversation — once learning has taken place, talk about it: talk to your parents and siblings about what you have learned. They could ask you:
    1. “What do you know now that you didn’t when you started this task?” 
    2. “Explain ……. to me”.
    3. “Tell me about …….”
    4. “I can see that during term 1 in your Knowledge Organiser, you learnt about …… — what can you remember about it?”
  5. Don’t give up — learning can be difficult, it shouldn’t always be easy, but provided the information or answer can be found (the Internet is usually very helpful here), it is possible to complete tasks, check them, learn information. You can then revisit the information later.