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Microsoft Teams

  • All staff and students are confident with Microsoft Teams
  •  Students known how to download MS Teams onto their home devices and where to find their work and how to attend live, remote lessons
  • MS Teams functions as a virtual classroom and your child has a virtual classroom set up for every subject
  • If you have any problems here are some helpful videos to cover the most frequently asked questions when accessing Teams. These can be found by clicking on the following links: 




  • Lessons will follow our normal curriculum. Students will be greeted by their teacher at the beginning of the lesson and asked to complete a retrieval task which we call a “Get in, get on” task. During this time the register will be called
  • After this, the teacher may deliver direct instruction and teach new material, direct students to watch an Oak National Academy lesson or ask them to complete a task independently and submit it via Assignments
  • Teachers will be available on-line throughout the lesson to offer support and the class will be asked to return for the final part of the lesson to review the learning
  • Remote learning will explicitly use the EEF remote learning structure and symbols to develop students’ self-regulation and provide familiarity: introduction, activate, explain, practise, reflect:


Code of Conduct

All parents/carers have received our code of conduct for live lessons. We expect all students to be committed, respectful and safe, in line with our behaviour policy.


Assessment and feedback will continue in line with departmental feedback policies (these can be found on our website) and will be primarily formative. This means that the main focus is to diagnose what students understand and do not understand, so that we can address misconceptions and adapt our planning.

Research shows that quizzing is a highly-effective assessment strategy and enables students to check what they know already and what topics they need to review/revisit. This is a cornerstone of our provision.

Students will be expected to submit work via Microsoft Teams and this will enable teachers to give feedback, where appropriate.