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Personal Development and SMSC

Why do we teach PD?

PD is preparing young people for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of life. We teach life skills to help students stay safe, stay mentally and physically healthy, gain knowledge, skills and attributes needed to manage their lives now and in the future, and to be prepared for life beyond school and work.

The aim of the PD Curriculum is to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and attributes to make the most of the opportunities available to them and to effectively deal with challenges they will face in the future.

PD encompasses the statutory requirements and non-statutory guidance for:

  • Personal
  • Social & Health Education
  • Citizenship
  • Sex & Relationship Education
  • Careers Education
  • Financial Education.

Key Stage 3 

Course content

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

British Values- including UK Youth Parliament and voting, accountability, fairness and freedom and tolerance

British Values- including UK Youth Parliament and voting

Emotional & physical relationships including E-Safety and Mental Wellbeing- Pressures on young people

Adolescent issues- including changing bodies and SRE



E-Safety including bullying, sexting and reporting.

Prevent- students will start to explore the difficult issue of extremism and controversial issue

Democracy & justice

Road Safety including using phones when near the roads.

Online safety including the influence of the media

Economic Wellbeing

Sustainability- sustainable gifts

Healthy lifestyles including consequences of making choices with eating, smoking and drugs

Prevent- students will carry on  exploring the difficult issue of extremism and controversial issue

 Economic Wellbeing-Financial capacity

Careers Option choices: preparing for GCSEs



E-Safety including bullying, sexting and reporting

 E-Safety including bullying, sexting and reporting

Key Stage 4 

PSHE and Citizenship are also delivered through the Year 10 and Year 11 Ethics, Philosophy & Culture (EPiC) programme of study. Life Education helps to develop a range of intrapersonal skills including interpersonal such as communication and teamwork are also developed as are the skills of enquiry. These sessions are taught by a dedicated team of teachers and cover a wide range of issues. The programme is designed to enable students to discuss and become more familiar with issues to do with their personal development and making the right choices.

Independent Learning 

Students are encouraged to take an interest in current affairs as this will help with participation in contemporary issues.

Useful websites





Mental health and wellbeing


Money Management

News stories