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Remote Learning

During this period of remote learning we will provide a full timetable of (predominantly) live lessons delivered by your child’s subject teachers in line with their normal timetable.

To access these, students will need to log-on to Microsoft Teams each day, attend lessons in line with their daily timetable and submit work to the best of their ability.

Live lessons/registration will begin at the following times:

Registration        8.45am

Period 1                9.05am

Period 2                10.05am

Period 3                11.35am

Period 4                12.35pm

Period 5                2.05pm

Teachers will take a register at the beginning of each lesson and non-attendance will be followed up.

Microsoft Teams

MS Teams functions as a virtual classroom and your child has a virtual classroom set up for every subject. All students have received training on the use of Microsoft Teams. Students have been shown how to download MS Teams onto their home devices and how to attend live, remote lessons. A short video has been shown to students by their form tutors, supported with a help-sheet and both of these are available on ClassCharts..

Live lessons

Lessons will follow our normal curriculum. Students will be greeted by their teacher at the beginning of the lesson and asked to complete a retrieval task which we call a “Get in, get on” task. During this time the register will be called. After this, the teacher may deliver direct instruction and teach new material, direct students to watch an Oak National Academy lesson or ask them to complete a task independently and submit it via Assignments. Teachers will be available on-line throughout the lesson to offer support and the class will be asked to return for the final part of the lesson to review the learning.

NB: There will be no live lessons for Active Lifestyles (Core PE), Personal Development (PD), Core RS (Philosophy and Ethics) and Forensic Reading. Instead, work for these subjects will be placed in the subject channel of the year group curriculum team at the beginning of each week

From January 25th work for these subjects which are not taught as live lessons can be seen at a glance for each year group on the link below. In these lessons’ timetabled slots, students should select an activity from the menu below and follow the instructions for accessing the tasks. They can be selected in any order within each subject, and students should be able to tick them all off across the next 4 weeks.

Teacher absence

If a teacher is absent from work because they are ill, they will be unable to deliver live lessons. In this case students will receive an email outlining where to find the work to complete independently or directing them to an appropriate Oak National Academy lesson.

Parents/carers will also receive a message via In-Touch.

What does my child need to do to prepare for remote learning?

All students have been asked to download MS Teams onto a device at home. A laptop or desktop PC is best, but MS Teams can be accessed via a tablet or mobile phone. A video showing how to do this can be found here.

Your child will need to know their school email address and password to access their school MS Teams account.

Your child will receive “invitations” to their remote lessons via email. They must “accept” these before the lesson to enable them to join the lessons.

We would appreciate your support in ensuring this is done to avoid any difficulties for your child. Further technical support this term can accessed through our IT Helpdesk at

Joining live lessons

Students should open MS Teams shortly before the start time of their lessons and click “join” to start the relevant lesson. Students will wait in the lobby until the teacher begins the lesson.

Students should ensure they are muted and the camera off before joining the lesson.

A video explaining what to do can be found here.

Code of Conduct

All parents/carers have received our code of conduct for live lessons. Please go through this with your child and ensure they are clear of our expectations. We expect all students to be committed, respectful and safe, in line with our behaviour policy.

Who do I contact?

In the case of…

  • Technical/IT issues please contact our
  • Subject-specific issues please contact the relevant subject teacher
  • Welfare or engagement issues please contact your child’s tutor or Head of Year
  • Queries or feedback about our remote learning provision please contact Mrs Pomfret, Deputy Principal  (