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Induction Tasks

Please find attached the Year 12 induction tasks for the various subjects which we offer at A Level.

Applied Science

Business Studies


Year 11: work

Please watch the following performance online:

Answer the following questions, using the GCSE 9a and 9b structures (

1. Analyse how movement was used in the opening of the performance
2. Evaluate how costume was used to impact the audience throughout the performance
3. Analyse how lighting was used in ONE key scene to enhance the performance for the audience

If there are any questions, please email


Task 2

Good afternoon Drama people. I hope you are all well. Great news, from today you can access for FREE some amazing national theatre and royal Shakespeare company live footage of hundreds of their shows.

Please copy the link attached, and type in the information placed below. Keep a record, write a review or just enjoy some of the world best theatre online for FREE

Best wishes

Mr Jones/Ms Cottingham/Mr Clarke

all you have to do is to log onto the following webiste: (

and type into the access username and password the following information:

Your access details are:
Username: 5Dz'6Dj.
Password: 9Cp.6Hi,


Please head onto the national theatre and watch the film of MEDEA....
i would like you to write a paragraph focusing on the 2 areas:

1: evaluate how the actress playing Medea used performance skills throughout the performance

2: analyse how the actress playing Jason used physical skills in ONE key scene in the performance

Happy watching

Mr Jones


Year 11 exam paper

Year 11 drama work

Year 11